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Summer Skin Care Favorites

7 Favorite Summer Skin Care Products

In the heat of the summer, the sun rays are at their peak which can cause UV damage and skin aging plus the heat and humidity makes you sweat more and all of this can do a number on your skin. To help combat oiliness and melted makeup which are common effects of the summer heat, I find myself gravitating towards lighter products, I make sure to protect my skin from the sun and I give my skin a refresh whenever it starts to feel icky and these steps helps keep my skin clean, fresh and shine-free. Here are my …

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Pretty & Polished

I’ve noticed recently that when I share my personal style on Instagram people are always asking questions about what I’m wearing and seem to want to see more! So I’ve decided to start sharing a bit more of my personal style here on the blog. Since this is a space that’s typically reserved for all things home, let me know if you’re into this or not – would love your feedback! And for my first outfit post, I’m sharing this look that I wore a few weeks back for the launch of the Elevate Design Collective loft. I was told …

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My Power Outfit

Do you have a “power outfit”? A go-to look that makes you feel strong and confident? For me, that look is always a colorful, clean-lined sheath dress and classic, pointy-toe pumps. It’s a look exudes confidence and sophistication, which is something I always aim to project. I also happen to think the sheath dress is a universally flattering style that looks great on any body type and should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe! I recently shared my go-to power outfit with Levo League who captured these pictures for a fun feature which you can read here

In …

10 Favorite Summer Nail Polish Colors

10 Favorite Summer Nail Polish Colors

One of the things I love most about being a bonafide girlie girl is experimenting with different beauty looks, especially when it comes to nail polish! I have so much fun playing around with different colors and it’s such a fun way to show off my personality and reflect whatever mood I’m feeling. And for a related yet not so fun fact, I don’t have a dishwasher and hate wearing gloves when washing dishes by hand which means my manis never last long so I always have a great excuse to change up my polish:-) I usually change my polish …

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My Favorite Summer Sunnies

Hands down my must-have accessory for the summer are a chic pair of sunglasses – I’ll never leave home without them! I have a ton of sunglasses that I’ve collected over the years from inexpensive finds from street vendors to more luxe frames from designers like Tom Ford, Stella MacCartney and Givenchy. But by far, my favorites that I’ll never grow tired of are my original Ray-Ban aviators. I think aviators in general are such a classic silhouette. They look great on women and men and compliment every face shape. These are the aviators that I wear …

O Mag April Cover

Oprah Gets Her Paint on In NYDJ Jeans for a Cause

This is what Oprah wears when she paints the house! At least that’s what she joked in the new issue of O, The Oprah Magazine where my bosslady is rocking these custom splatter paint jeans (and a mean ponytail!) which are a collaboration between fashion brand NYDJ and Rialto Jean Project, whose motto is Denim Doing Good. Each pair of NYDJ x RJP jeans is designed with the brand’s Lift Tuck® slimming technology and features Rialto Jean Project’s one-of-a-kind, hand painted designs. A portion of each sale will help support innovative art therapy programs at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles …