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Fresh and clean. Like a sunny day in May when you can smell the flowers blooming and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. That’s the vibe I was going for when designing this bedroom for a model apartment project I finished a while back. This model unit was in a rental building and like a typical NYC apartment, it’s tiny! The overall apartment inspiration was a beachy, relaxed ambiance so for this bedroom I chose a palette of cool blues for a fresh, clean look. Designing a model home is a bit different than designing a home for a real client where I’d typically add more layers to give a room dimension and warmth. In a model unit, the spaces have to be universally appealing and uncluttered so that the person walking through can immediately envision themselves living there. So generally you have to take a more minimal approach which is what was requested by the client for this project. If you break it down, this is actually a pretty simple space that comes alive with great bedding, an appealing wall color (Benjamin Moore Blue Heather) and an interesting pattern on the floor to ground the room.  And you can’t see it from the angle of these pictures but there’s also this kick-ass palm tree print I found on Etsy on the wall opposite the bed which ties together the apartment’s beachy theme quite nicely. Overall, I think this space is a great example of how you can keep it simple and still create a functional, comfortable and stylish space. The shades of blue and the beautiful natural light give this room a sense of calm and an easy breezy energy. Just how a bedroom should be! See what this space looked like before plus how to get the look below!

Coastal Beachy Bedroom BEFORE-AFTERSHOP

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Beachy Coastal Bedroom GTL

Bed / Lamps / Rug / Nightstand / Duvet / Sheet Set / Artwork

Photos by David A. Land

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