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As a designer, I’ve never been a big fan of visible electronics in a space… especially TVs. Most just feel like a big, black box of an eyesore that steals the focus from all the pretty in a room. But if you like to Netflix and chill as much as I do, they’re kind of a necessary evil.  For ages, those of us who care deeply about the aesthetics of our homes have been trying to come up with clever ways to disguise, design around or hide our TVs so that they don’t detract from our decor. It’s a problem that no one has ever really been able to solve… until now. Enter The Frame a genius new TV from Samsung that’s designed to look like a beautiful work of art! FRAME - ONLINE FEATURES

Created in collaboration with designer Yves Béhar, The Frame is surrounded by a sleek decorative frame which comes in three finishes and blends seamlessly into any decor. You can toggle between regular TV and Art Mode which allows you to choose from 100 pre-loaded works of art, transofrmng your  TV into a stunning display. Goodbye black box! The Frame hangs flush to the wall just like an actual piece of art using a No Gap Wall-mount and Invisible Connection cable management helps keep all those ugly cords and clutter hidden away. Eyesore no more! The Frame is a game-changer!



The Frame just launched and is available in 65” for $2,799 and 55” for $1,999 starting 6/18 on and retailers nationwide. What do you think? Do you love the idea of TV as art? I’m obsessed!

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