Regifting…We’re all guilty of doing it at some point or another. Maybe you’ve been given something that you already have…that’s certainly happened to me before. But whether it’s a gift you don’t need or something that’s just not your style, I believe it’s better to be gracious and show appreciation in the moment…and what you do afterward with it is your prerogative. Some say regifting is tacky or shows poor etiquette while others feel its perfectly acceptable. My take? It’s ok as long as you follow a few simple do’s and don’ts….

  • DO regift something that you are sure the recipient will love. If you receive a box of candy that isn’t your favorite but you know your bestie loves that particular type of candy, you can’t go wrong and they’re sure to be appreciative.
  • DON’T regift something no one would want. If you don’t want it because it’s hideous, chances are the person you’re gifting it to will think its hideous as well. Donate it instead.
  • DO remove the original gift wrapping or any name tags and re-wrap the item you’re in fresh, new paper.
  • DON’T regift something thats been used. This is never ever ok.
  • DON’T – regift something special…such as a hand made item, a personalized gift that someone took great care in selecting for you or an item with sentimental value. You’d never want to risk hurting that person’s feelings if they found out.
  • DON’T regift something that’s too outdated. I once had several limited edition holiday ornaments left over from an event and thought they would make great hostess gifts. A couple years later I gave one to a friend during the holidays and when he opened it up I saw something that I hadn’t noticed before…the ornament was stamped with the limited edition year that revealed that it was three years old! Needless to say I was embarrassed!
  • DON’T regift within same social circle. Even though most  instances of regifting are socially acceptable, it’s always best to keep your regifting discreet.

What do you think of regifting? Perfectly acceptable or major faux-pas?

Photo: One Kings Lane

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