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Sade Halloween Costume_2

I’m usually a super last-minute planner when it comes to just about everything. So when Halloween rolls around I usually don’t participate because I can never quite manage to get a good costume together in time.  Last year was an exception. I had a last-minute halloween party which was also a combined birthday party for a good friend, so I had to go and I was forced to get creative and come up with a quick and easy costume that didn’t cost a ton of money. My solution? Sade circa 1985 with her iconic denim on denim look. I’m sure …

Mother's Day Breakfast + GIft Ideas_14

If you’re in a panic because Mother’s Day is right around the corner I’ve got some easy DIY gift ideas to share with you that will hopefully come through in a pinch! I recently joined my friend, Chef Vanessa Cantave to share few fun DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas on her weekly cooking show, The Hostess Next Door, which airs live on the Little Things Facebook page. Do you guys know about The Little Things? They produce high-quality lifestyle videos that air live on their Facebook page which has nearly 10 million fans! On this week’s The Hostess …

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs_1

I vividly remember dyeing Easter eggs at the kitchen table with my sister as a kid. Next to eating all the candy, it was our favorite Easter tradition! Did you know that most conventional egg dyeing kits and food colorants are full of harmful chemicals and toxins? If you’re dyeing eggs this year with your littles or for your home, here’s a roundup of some beautiful, all-natural egg-dyeing techniques that are a much safer alternative for you and your family!

1. Cabbage Dyed Eggs

2. Tea Stained Eggs


4. Naturally Dyed Pastel Eggs



One of the things I love most about the holiday season is entertaining friends and family at home but as we all know, hosting can be stressful! From coming up with the perfect menu to executing a beautiful presentation, holiday party planning usually requires a lot of time and energy. I’m a super busy gal so over the years I’ve perfected ways to simplify my holiday party prep tremendously. This season, I’ve teamed up with GODIVA to share some of my foolproof tips for creating a stylish and sophisticated holiday party with minimal prep and no stress!

First things first, …


One of the reasons I appreciate the holidays so much is that it makes for the perfect excuse to enjoy a good cocktail! 😉 Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or entertaining a guest that dropped by unexpectedly, you should always have ingredients on hand for at least one amazing signature drink that you can whip together at a moment’s notice. I love a sparkling cocktail made with champagne or prosecco for the holidays. A little bit of bubbly always feels festive for the season and this cranberry sparkler couldn’t be easier to make. Lightly sweet and infused with the …


The holidays are finally here and, as they say, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. At the heart of the holiday spirit is the virtue of generosity. It’s truly the season for giving and I’m sure you’ve heard the age old saying, “It’s far better to give than to receive.” I’ve always felt a great joy in giving to others. Whether it’s cooking a meal for my family, helping a friend solve a problem or surprising someone I love with something they casually mentioned they needed, I get a major dose of the warm and fuzzy feels by …