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I’ve noticed recently that when I share my personal style on Instagram people are always asking questions about what I’m wearing and seem to want to see more! So I’ve decided to start sharing a bit more of my personal style here on the blog. Since this is a space that’s typically reserved for all things home, let me know if you’re into this or not – would love your feedback! And for my first outfit post, I’m sharing this look that I wore a few weeks back for the launch of the Elevate Design Collective loft. I was told to dress business casual which to me sounds a little conservative but here’s my fresh take on it…

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I started with a chic, black A-line skirt which always makes me feel pulled together. This one has an added button detail down the sides that keeps it from looking too basic and its versatile enough to pair with different tops depending on my mood. For this event I went with a soft, silk necktie blouse in a pale blush pink shade for a feminine look and topped it with a leather jacket to keep the outfit from feeling too conservative. But throw on a cute fitted tee with a statement necklace and strappy sandals and you’ve got an ultracool, edgy look. You could also wear it with a denim shirt buttoned up to the top and some ballet flats for a preppier vibe! Skirt / Top / Jacket / Shoes / Bag / Nail Color

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Pics by Caio Ferreira