Nasty AF _ 5

Girl Power

I recently posted a photo of myself wearing this “Nasty AF” sweatshirt on Instagram and received a ton of comments from followers saying how much they loved it and asking where they could buy one. The shirt defines what Nasty AF means and reads:

adjective: A confident person who strikes fear in the heart of haters by articulating rational arguments and/or taking action to promote equality, diversity and love.

It’s essentially a feminist statement promoting the values of equality, inclusivity and basic human kindness. I purchased this right off of an ad from my Facebook feed! Sadly, this exact shirt …


How to do a Digital Detox

Happy New Year!! You may have noticed that I’ve been pretty quiet here on the blog and on social media over the holiday season. Without really planning to, I ended up logging offline for the past couple of weeks and taking some much needed time to reconnect with the real world and it felt amazing! It started on Christmas day – I really wanted to post something but I was hosting brunch for my family that morning and was a bit ill prepared so the second I woke up I started cleaning and cooking. All while I was prepping I …


DIY Patch Denim Jacket

A major 90s trend that is totally making a comeback is embroidered patches and pins on everything! I’ve been seeing this everywhere and I’m especially loving this look on denim. I recently attended an event for AG Jeans & Harper’s Bazaar where I was able to pick out one of their fab denim jacket plus a ton of patches and pins and there were staff on-site to iron or sew on all of the patches for us. I chose this edgy denim jacket with a raw hem and decided to bring all of my pins and patches home so that …


Fall Ready

We’ve been having crazy mild weather here in New York so luckily I haven’t had to bundle up too much which has been fantastic! (Although I’m sure the cold is on it’s way soon!) I snapped these photos in my neighborhood on a beautiful and sunny fall day. I was rocking a versatile duster trench paired with dark denim, a classic black and white striped turtleneck and a pair of suede over-the-knee boots. This is one of my favorite looks…preppy, polished and perfect for fall. Shop the look below! And bonus – since it’s Cyber Monday I’ve also …

Creating an Attitude of Gratitude

With the holiday season upon us it’s the perfect time to reflect on all of the things in our lives that we’re grateful for. So often we only focus on the obvious without stopping to recognize all of the little moments in life that we take for granted yet are very much worth appreciating. I recently came across this article  by life coach Michael Hyatt which talks about how a simple shift in your choice of vocabulary can change our whole mindset around gratitude and make us happier, more productive people. Even when we’re fortunate to have incredible opportunities, out …


Introducing Nicole Gibbons Style!

Welcome to Nicole Gibbons Style! Those of you who have been following my journey since the beginning know that when I first launched my blog back in the OG days of 2008, I was working in fashion PR by day while blogging and running an itsy bitsy design biz as a side hustle by night. Since that time, my career and life have undergone a complete 180° transformation. I’m now running a successful interior design firm full-time, I’ve established myself as a trusted design expert on TV shows and in the media and I get to collaborate with some pretty …