Happy New Year!!! How is it’s 2015  already?! Over the holidays I checked out from work for a couple of weeks and despite all the down time, my mind still seems to be on vacation! At the end of last year I was definitely feeling a bit of burnout so perhaps it’s still lingering but I can’t quite get back into the swing of things let alone focus on major goal planning for the year. I did make a short list of typical resolutions for things I’d like to do better at … like going to the gym more regularly, getting more sleep, getting organized etc, but in terms of big picture goal planning, it’s a bit fuzzy. I have no doubt this will be an amazing year. Truth be told (and certainly not a bad problem to have), there are so many exciting opportunities in the mix I’m not quite sure where to focus my energies and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. Here’s what I plan to do about it: #1-Take a vacation STAT! Like a proper, spa-filled, chock-full of sunshine, beach vacation to help clear my mind and replenish my soul. That always helps me regain clarity and I am looong overdue for a vacay. #2 – I’m not going to stress over not having everything figured out. Things always come together so my only plan for the short term is to just roll with whatever comes my way and stay flexible and adaptable. Here is what else I know for sure (to borrow a line from Oprah)…


I posted this quote on Instagram a while back and it’s something that I have to remind myself of constantly. Looking back on 2014, there were so many proud moments that made the year amazing! From working on awesome design projects, many great press features and numerous television appearances to filming another season of Home Made Simple for OWN and an exciting ad campaign which I am so blessed and grateful for. Career wise, 2014 represented me beginning to live out my dreams and things are only getting better. I actually intended my New Year’s post to be a recap of my top 14 highlights of 2014 BUT – when I started to think about all of the year’s highlights I realized, they were mostly work related highlights which paints a pretty clear picture for me. I work a lot. Nearly 24/7. It comes with the territory of being an entrepreneur but this year, I am going to focus on enjoying the journey a bit more… Spending quality time with friends and family, reconnecting with loved ones and also taking a moment to celebrate my successes which I rarely do because I’m always so focused on the next big thing. I travel a ton but rarely do I go on an escape where I shut down work and truly relax. I’m going to do more of that this year. I hope that all of you do the same. Cherish your loved ones, have fun, take trips, have more date nights, watch funny movies, laugh, create, take care of your health, eat many delicious meals and enjoy life. Because experiences, memories and love are far more meaningful than any job or career will ever be. And life is short. You only live once. With that said, let’s get back to that vacation I need to start planning! If you have any suggestion on beautiful, warm, beach destinations that are easy access from New York I’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments. Happy 2015! Wishing you all your best year yet! xo


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