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Do you read The Glow? Even though I am not yet a mother, I am completely obsessed with this site which takes you inside the world of inspiring and fashionable moms who share their thoughts on motherhood along with a few of their favorite things. I love seeing the beautiful portraits of moms with their kids and, of course, getting a glimpse inside their enviable homes! Co-founder and photographer Kelly Stuart is a genius at capturing such sweet moments between mother and child and the images just radiate with love and emotion. It’s an inspiration for me because I hope to one day be a stylish mom with healthy, beautiful children and perhaps we will even be featured on The Glow someday:-) So in honor of Mother’s Day, here are a few of my most favorite portraits of motherhood from The Glow:

The Glow - june-6

Stylish June Ambrose with children Summer & Chance

The Glow - jennifer-28

Jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher & son

The Glow - busy-26

Actress Busy Phillips & daughter Byrdie

The Glow - ramya-15

Entrepreneur Ramya Giangola & daughter Chiara

The Glow - lynn-12

Jewelry Designer Lynn Bann & son Sebastian

The Glow - christina-1

Fashion designer Christina Huton & Kids

The Glow - maryam-6

Boutique own Maryam Nassir with daughter

The Glow - jenni-1

Fashion designer Jenny Kayne with kids Ripley & Tanner

The Glow - Jeanne-19

Stylist Jeannie Kang & daughters


To see more inspiring moms and read their stories, visit The Glow and you can also pick up a copy of the newly launched book called The Glow: An Inspiring Guide to Stylish Motherhood by founders Violet Gaynor & Kelly Stuart.

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