Nicole Gibbons - Power Outfit 5

Do you have a “power outfit”? A go-to look that makes you feel strong and confident? For me, that look is always a colorful, clean-lined sheath dress and classic, pointy-toe pumps. It’s a look exudes confidence and sophistication, which is something I always aim to project. I also happen to think the sheath dress is a universally flattering style that looks great on any body type and should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe! I recently shared my go-to power outfit with Levo League who captured these pictures for a fun feature which you can read here

Nicole Gibbons - Power Outfit 1

In these photos I’m wearing a sheath dress from Raoul that I’m obsessed with paired with my favorite nude patent pointy toe pumps. This is a go-to look when I’m on-camera doing a morning show segment or if I’m attending an evening networking event and want to make a strong first impression. The silhouette is incredibly slimming and flatters me in all the right places so I never have to worry about pulling or tugging at any ill fitting areas. I can wear this and feel confident whether it’s day or night and the pumps are classics that can easily be dressed up or down.

Nicole Gibbons - Power Outfit 6

I also LOVE the colors in this dress. I think bold colors evoke a sense of self-assurance and adventurousness plus I believe that wearing the right color to complement your skin tone is a great way to highlight your intrinsic beauty.

Nicole Gibbons - Power Outfit 2

During the day I’m usually running around the city to and from all kinds of appointments…client meetings, showroom visits, auditions, you name it. So needless to say I always have a ton of stuff to carry around with me, making a durable tote bag essential. This one from LL Bean is my favorite. It’s heavy duty, stylish, versatile and best of all, affordable.

Nicole Gibbons - Power Outfit 4

When asked about the best advice to give aspiring designers when it comes to style (and this really applies to anyone), I stressed that it’s important to establish a style that’s unique to you and also reflects your personal design sensibility. I love decorating with color so when it comes to my wardrobe I always wear color when I want to stand out. What’s your go-to power outfit? I’d love to hear about it!

Photos by Sam Teich for Levo League



  1. I also love a pretty shift dress but my favorite dress is a navy blue shift dress with a slightly flared skirt. I love color but when I have to be in a crowd I prefer a dark color. I don’t like to stand out. Too shy. Also, I love the L.L. Bean totes but not the one you have. The white with navy piping looks much better, I think.

    You look amazing, by the way. Welcome back.

  2. Now this is what I call a “Power Outfit”. It’s just amazing. Love the contrasts, especially when pink meets yellow.

    Aaaand, yes. It’s an amazing outfit!


  3. I don’t know why but this outfit reminds me of Michelle Obama! And really, you look gorgeous in it!

    Go girl 🙂

  4. Loving the pink!

    I also love a bright blazer with any neutral colored shift dress as a my “power outfit”. Something about a blazer!