This Spring Restoration Hardware rolled out an entirely new line of tableware that we’re loving here at So Haute. The full range includes pieces  curated from around the globe which will be sure to add an international flair to your tabletop. You’ll find authentic Chinese porcelain dinnerware, classic English silver fit for the Queen, Riedel crystal stemware from Germany, Belgian table linens, cheese boards and coasters made of petrified wood from Indonesia and even beautiful, all-purpose glassware made right here in America. The line’s classic designs lends itself to work with virtually any aesthetic but still adds plenty of character to your table. We put together a gallery of our top picks from the new line.  One of our personal favorites are the Literary Collection of plates and coasters.  Who wouldn’t want to serve appetizers on a plate reading, “the first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue”?  Well said Dorothy Parker. You can find these items and more online at Restoration Hardware or by checking out their exclusive tableware catalog.


  1. ashleigh

    I just ordered their flatware, which boasts “Made in England” on the website. Only to receive it today to find “Made in China” written on all the boxes, and on each individual fork, knife and spoon. I guess they decided making flatware in England just doesn’t give the same profit margin.

  2. Love the dinnerware…loved it so much that my fiance and I registered for 12 place settings back in July 2013…too bad its February 2014 and we’re now being told that its on ‘back order’ until late June 2014. RH is garbage. Sure their stuff looks great in the store, but unless you can walk out of the store with it, be prepared to wait weeks, months, and apparently even years. There’s a reason why you can’t review items on their website…because they know people would rip them a new one and they’d look foolish. But if you’re in the market for some dishes in 2017, go ahead and feel free to order now.

  3. My wife and I ordered 16 porcelain place settings plus serving pieces as open stock and we have been really disappointed with the product and the experience. We received the first shipment (many items were backordered) and each box contained so many flawed pieces that we ended up sending 2/3 of them back. We just went through our third shipment this evening, and we are sending back 11 of 16 dinner plates and 11 of 16 soup bowls. The first time we were charged for the replacement products, but at least that got straightened out this time around. But the quality control on this line must be close to zero. Glazing flaws are the most common problem, but many of the pieces, especially the serving pieces, were distorted enough that they wouldn’t sit flat on a glass surface and lids wouldn’t fit. I advise anyone contemplating purchasing this product to carefully in examine every piece upon delivery, and keep meticulous records regarding what is to be kept and what is to be returned.

  4. UPDATE; The frustration continues…Since the previous post we received our third shipment of the creamer, sugar pot, and large pitcher, and frankly it looks like they just sealed the boxes back up (clearly re-taped) and shipped the same ones back to us. Many apologies from RH customer service but they refused our request to do any additional pre-shipping quality control, saying that it wasn’t possible. They also made a vague statement about this line being an “artisan” product, which in RH-speak apparently translates as “poor quality”. Buyer beware!

  5. UPDATE; OK, we give. Received the prodigal coffee mugs yesterday, opened the first box of four, two bad ones, we’re done. On the phone right now calling for pick up of all pieces, almost three months and many hours of effort later. Surprising and incredibly disappointing experience that honestly has been atypical in my experience with RH.

  6. Also, FYI, I posted this comment on another site ( and it has now been removed, so I guess that site is sponsored by RH or something?

  7. I’m so glad you posted such thorough reviews. I’ve been pining over this dinnerware for some time and for some reason couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger on ordering.

    I think I’ll head on over to Crate and Barrel-Thanks much for saving me the frustration!