This is How to Make Your TV Look Like a Work of Art

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As a designer, I’ve never been a big fan of visible electronics in a space… especially TVs. Most just feel like a big, black box of an eyesore that steals the focus from all the pretty in a room. But if you like to Netflix and chill as much as I do, they’re kind of a necessary evil.  For ages, those of us who care deeply about the aesthetics of our homes have been trying to come up with clever ways to disguise, design around or hide our TVs so that they…
Bird of Paradise Plant Indoors Interiors Decor-15

Move over Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree… Hello Bird of Paradise!

For the past several years the fiddle leaf fig tree has dominated as the go-to favorite house plant for design-obsessed folks everywhere. In fact, they’re now so ubiquitous I’d argue that they’re almost too trendy, plus,  they’re notoriously hard to keep alive. I’ve recently started using the Bird of Paradise plant to style my design projects and in my opinion, it’s a much better fiddle leaf fig tree alternative. The Bird of Paradise is equally as stylish but a lot easier to care for which gives it the edge. This plant comes in a variety of sizes and is such …

Mindy Kaling New York Apartment Home 3

Inside Mindy Kaling’s Stylish Moroccan-Inspired NYC Apartment

There aren’t enough funny women in the spotlight but thank goodness for Mindy Kaling! Her quirky, candid, self-deprecating humor is totally relatable and serves to remind us that we’re all normal! She’s definitely girl-crush worthy but equally crush-worthy is her newly decorated NYC apartment!

Mindy collaborated with One Kings Lane to design the space which serves as her second home. With Mindy busy working on projects in LA, and her designer in New York, the collaboration happened remotely with lots of calls and emails over several months. The process went surprisingly smooth since Mindy, having grown up with an architect …

Beachy Living Room Get the Look-4

6 Ways to Channel Summer Beach House Vibes at Home

Now that the weather is finally warming up I’m already thinking about sunny days at the beach. There’s nothing like the relaxed feel of a warm breeze, salty air and endless ocean views. I decided to bring a bit of that easy, breezy beach vibe to this model apartment I designed here in New York. NYC can be a cold, gray place so I wanted to channel that feeling of an endless summer at home. This space has a relaxed, California coastal feeling which makes it so warm and inviting! If you’re looking to update your decor, here’s some inspiration …

Coastal Beachy Bedroom Get the Look_8

An Easy Breezy Blue Bedroom Reveal + Get the Look

Fresh and clean. Like a sunny day in May when you can smell the flowers blooming and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. That’s the vibe I was going for when designing this bedroom for a model apartment project I finished a while back. This model unit was in a rental building and like a typical NYC apartment, it’s tiny! The overall apartment inspiration was a beachy, relaxed ambiance so for this bedroom I chose a palette of cool blues for a fresh, clean look. Designing a model home is a bit different than designing a home for a …

Maiden Home

Introducing Maiden Home

A good sofa is hard to find.

Kind of like finding the perfect swimsuit or the perfect pair of jeans, the experience of hunting for a great sofa can often leave you feeling frustrated and disheartened. It’s not as easy as you think to find a beautiful, high quality sofa at a price you can afford that doesn’t look like the same mass produced piece everyone else has.

Enter Maiden Home.

Maiden Home is a new furniture brand offering a better, simpler way to buy beautiful, made-to-order upholstery that’s hand crafted in North Carolina and delivered direct to your door …