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When it comes to decorating I believe in being fearless with your choices and I’m excited to share this first look at a bedroom I designed where I was absolutely fearless in my choices. It’s no secret that I love color and pattern and in this space I went BOLD!!! Bold colors + a bold mix of patterns and it all works together beautifully. This isn’t always easy to pull off but I wanted to share a few tips on how to confidently mix and match bold patterns and colors in a space.

Bold Blue Bedroom _Nicole Gibbons Style _3Combining bold colors and patterns in a space without making the space feel too crazy is a balancing act. Here I chose a super bold pattern for the bed, but in a neutral, black and white fabric. It really pops against the bold blue walls without feeling too jarring.  I also kept the bold color solid. (Walls are Benjamin Moore New York State of Mind). I could have easily taken the opposite approach and did a black and white wallpaper with a bold blue bed and it would have looks amazing also.

Bold Blue Bedroom _Nicole Gibbons Style _2The key is perfecting the balance. One takeaway here is to balance bold patterns with a solid colors to give your eye some relief. Also, keep either your color or pattern neutral which will help create a beautiful contrast that allows both the color and the pattern to pop without competing with one another.

Bold Blue Bedroom _Nicole Gibbons Style _4

The secret to mixing different patterns in a room without things looking too busy is to keep your patterns in the same color family and vary the scales. I incorporated black and white patterns in this space but the chevron rug is a large scale pattern whereas the animal printed fabric on the bed is a smaller scale. Since they’re within the same black and white palette, they work together harmoniously. I’ve included some ideas on how to get the look below and I hope this inspires you to be bold and fearless!!Bold Blue Bedroom _Nicole Gibbons Style _GTL

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