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Ben Miller - So Haute

At Home With Ben Miller

On a perfect Sunday afternoon this past summer I ventured into Brooklyn to visit the stylish studio apartment of Ben Miller who you may remember from our last installment of Meet The Assistant.  Ben’s studio is a pint-sized 240 square feet which would be a challenge to decorate even for New Yorkers who are used to living in cramped quarters. But – when you’ve worked with one of America’s top interior designers you certainly have the upper hand when it comes to space planning and knowing how to select just the right pieces to help maximize every square inch. Ben …


Meet the Assistant: Ben Miller of Laura Kirar*TRU Design

Ben Miller at home in Brooklyn

Meet the Assistant profiles the assistants and associates who work behind-the-scenes with some of the industry’s top designers to help make beautiful spaces come to life.

Ben Miller is assistant extraoirdinaire to the incredibly talented Laura Kirar of Laura Kirar*TRU Design, who has infused her modern, tailored aesthetic into the interiors of residential spaces, award-winning restaurants, showrooms, and hotels across the globe. Originally from Lafayette Louisiana, Ben, 29, moved to New York on a whim nearly six years ago and has worked with Laura for the past year-and -a-half. With offices in New …

THE NEW YORK TIMES Fifty Photographs

5 Top Designers Curate Fifty Iconic Photographs for The New York Times Store

L-R: Vicente Wolf, Thom FIlicia, Laura Kirar, Jonathan Adler

The New York Times Store recently released a series of images from its 100+ year old photo archive, many of which have never been seen before and to celebrate, the Times tapped 5 celebrated interior designers Laura Kirar, Kelly Wearstler, Vicente Wolf, Jonathan Adler and Thom Filicia to curate a selection of 10 photos from the archive that reflects their design aesthetic and appreciation for the use of photography in interiors.  The collection is called 50 Photographs and is now available for purchase at The New York Times Store. I attended …

Right Now In Design Event hosted by SoHaute,Pierre Frey Showroom and Shagreene

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes at Right Now In Design With Nate Berkus, Steven Gambrel Laura Kirar & Jesse Carrier

 I’m so excited to bring you the first episode of So Haute TV! Join me as I take you behind-the-scenes with designers Nate Berkus, Steven Gambrel, Laura Kirar and Jesse Carrier at the Right Now In Design event I hosted back in July. Hear these design superstars share the deets on their latest projects, new collaborations and current design obsessions. Plus, Nate gives us the scoop on his new TV talk show which premieres Monday, September 13th! (Check your local listings here.) Click the play button to watch the video and let me know what you think!…

So Haute_Right_Now_In_Design_8

Right Now In Design Part 2 – A Panel Discussion With Nate Berkus, Laura Kirar, Steven Gambrel and Jesse Carrier

At Wednesday’s Right Now In Design panel, the intriguing discussion revolved around three main topics: building a brand, the state of the industry and what’s new and next in design. Myself and Josh Greene moderated the talk and below is a detailed recap of the highlights.

On Building a Brand…

The first questions touched on whether or not having a specific and recognizable signature look is important to developing your brand and what the key is to creating a successful brand as a designer. Nate and Steven both felt that maintaining a consistent point of view in your work is …

Right Now In Design Event hosted by SoHaute,Pierre Frey Showroom and Shagreene

Right Now In Design Part 1 – A Recap of My Evening With Nate Berkus, Laura Kirar, Steven Gambrel and Jesse Carrier at Pierre Frey

L-R: Steven Gambrel, Laura Kirar, Nate Berkus and Jesse Carrier. Photo: Marion Curtis/Starpix

Last night myself along with Pierre Frey and Josh Greene hosted an event with an A-List roster of designers that included Nate Berkus, Laura Kirar, Steven Gambrel and Jesse Carrier. It was a fabulous evening that started off with a cocktail party followed by a panel discussion on design. Now before I get into the recap of the talk, I’ll give you some background on how the event came about and also fill you in on some of the insider info I uncovered about the designers during …