Krista Ewart


Photo via kristaewart.com

There’s something so chic and refined about a writing desk in the bedroom. Here’s a collection of some of my favorite bedrooms, complete with well dressed desks! Above is one of my favorites– the guest bedroom of designer Krista Ewart’s Santa Monica cottage which features a stylish ebony Italianate desk by the bedside. I love all of the ultra feminine details like the porcelain lady head, ceramic lamp with water lilies and the vintage fashion illustration.

Jay Jeffers for the ’07 San Francisco Decorators Showcase…a well dressed room with a stylish bedside desk…

Photos via jeffersdesigngroup.com

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Krista Ewart as pictured in the Jun/July ’07 issue of Domino. Photo by Melanie Acevedo.

When Domino featured the home of Ruthie Sommers protégé  Krista Ewart in its June/July ’07 issue, I absolutely loved the place. Filled with lots of color, personalized vintage finds and kitschy details like a ceramic Afghan hound sculpture and a collection of stylish vintage fashion illustrations, the place had tons of charm. I was really excited to see her home featured again, this time on a new episode of HGTV’s Small Space Big Style which aired a recently. It was cool to see the place …