Krista Ewart as pictured in the Jun/July ’07 issue of Domino. Photo by Melanie Acevedo.

When Domino featured the home of Ruthie Sommers protégé  Krista Ewart in its June/July ’07 issue, I absolutely loved the place. Filled with lots of color, personalized vintage finds and kitschy details like a ceramic Afghan hound sculpture and a collection of stylish vintage fashion illustrations, the place had tons of charm. I was really excited to see her home featured again, this time on a new episode of HGTV’s Small Space Big Style which aired a recently. It was cool to see the place from a different perspective and I really enjoyed hearing about Krista’s approach to designing the space in her own words. SSBS provided a much more comprehensive look at her home than the Domino feature and the cameras captured so many details that just don’t translate in a still photograph. One element which wasn’t really visible in Domino are the two hot pink tufted chairs in her living room. These fun chairs really brightened up the space and I absolutely loved them. I collect seashells whenever I travel to beach destinations so I was also really drawn to Krista’s own collection of seashells which were seen piled up in a giant shell atop a pedestal in her living room as well as grouped together in a shelving nook in her kitchen. I found a clip of the segment on YouTube so in case you missed it, I thought you might like to watch it here. Enjoy!


  1. mygilttrip

    I just stumbled across your blog. I really enjoy it. Is there a way to add you to my google home page? I couldn’t seem to find the link.

  2. Hi Mygilttrip! You can subscribe to So Haute by clicking the Subscribe link at the top right corner of my page. Previously the link was buried at the bottom corner of my page and it was hard to find so I just moved it up to the top to make it easier for people to find the link and subscribe. Thanks for stopping by my blog & keep reading!

  3. I loved Krista’s style when she was in Domino and I love SSBS but never seem to catch it when it is on, so thanks for posting the video!

  4. Hey Robin–Glad you enjoyed the video. I watch the show all the time but I swear every single time I watch it’s a rerun. I was so psyched to finally see a new episode and Krista’s house was just so darned cute!

  5. Hi Carolina! SSBS is the best show! I just wish they wouldn’t play so many reruns!

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  7. Looks different now but is still pretty cute and I love Lucy’s room!!!