Color has the ability to totally transform your mood and in this episode from my Totally Loving Color series for TLC and Pier 1, it’s all about the color peach! Peach is warm, contemplative hue that allows you to focus so it’s a great choice for a home office setting. In this clip, I reveal the few must-haves I can’t live without in my own home office and offer tips for creating an environment that enhances concentration so you can stay as productive as possible. My favorite part about planning out this set was putting together the mood board that you see. I really made it personal, incorporating some of the textiles I’m loving right now, inspiration photos and floorplans for some of the design projects I’m currently working on and I even incorporated photos I printed out from my Instagram feed! One of my favorite photos from Insta is of my twin niece and nephew being silly and you’ll see it flash quickly on the screen…I love those little nuggets so much and it makes me smile to see their adorable faces make a cameo in this video! Enjoy!!

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