A bedroom designed by Gideon Mendelson

Traditional Home has just announced its list of top 10 New Trads of 2012 who will be featured in it’s sister publication Trad Home and this year they tapped design bloggers to submit nominations for the honor. “Design bloggers have always been integral in helping us identify emerging trends, ideas and new designers,” said Ann Maine, Editor in Chief, Traditional Home. “With the help of design bloggers, we selected 10 NEW TRADS we think everyone should keep an eye on and we’re thrilled to showcase their work in the spring issue.” Trad Home received hundreds of submissions for up and coming designers and I’m excited to announce that my submission, the incredibly talented Gideon Mendelson, is one of the 10 who will be featured on this year’s list of New Trads! I will also be guest editing and writing the piece on Gideon for Trad Home. Congratulations to Gideon and all of the other designers who are so deserving of the honor! Below are more photos of Gideon’s work along with the full list of the New Trad class of 2012! For more info on all of the designers featured including links to their portfolios and the bloggers who submitted them, click here and be sure to look for the issue of Trad Home on virtual newsstands mid April!

 The New Trad Class of 2012



  1. I love his traditional designs; nothing trendy here. Love the black and white toile with the gingham. These are the sort of designs that will last forever and you won’t look at it in five years and want to re-do everything.

    I didn’t know Traditional Home had a virtual magazine. Have to check it out.

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