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Gideon Mendelson (2)

A bedroom designed by Gideon Mendelson

Traditional Home has just announced its list of top 10 New Trads of 2012 who will be featured in it’s sister publication Trad Home and this year they tapped design bloggers to submit nominations for the honor. “Design bloggers have always been integral in helping us identify emerging trends, ideas and new designers,” said Ann Maine, Editor in Chief, Traditional Home. “With the help of design bloggers, we selected 10 NEW TRADS we think everyone should keep an eye on and we’re thrilled to showcase their work in the spring issue.” Trad Home received …

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The premiere issue of Trad Home will hit virtual newsstands in April

Earlier this week I attended an exclusive dinner hosted by Traditional Home publisher Beth Brenner and Lonny editor-in-chief Michelle Adams who assembled a group of notable designers and industry influencers at Freemans to introduce the top 20 “New Traditional” designers to watch in 2011. The top 20 will be featured in the March issue of Traditional Home as in years past, while the inaugural issue of Trad Home (the digital Traditional Home/Lonny spinoff) will feature more extensive coverage of each of the designers and their work. …

Trad Home

Have you heard the news about Trad Home? I’m pretty excited about it! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, last week WWD announced that Traditional Home and Lonny magazine founders Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline are partnering up to create this spin-off digital  shelter magazine aimed at a “younger generation of design lovers”. The partnership will marry Traditional Home’s established brand name and timeless aesthetic with Lonny’s expertise in appealing to a younger, hipper audience which I think will result in a beautifully produced publication. Trad Home will release two issues next year in May and September. What …