June 2008


Lived In

As much as I love a very tailored looking room, I also love the look of space that looks totally lived in and comfortable. This room from the May ’06 issue of InStyle is the perfect example of a “lived in” space. The cozy looking furniture, plush pillows, layered rugs and soft curtains all add to the rooms comfort factor. I also love the blue accents, the Asian influences and the striking black and white art on the wall. Recently, I spotted this same photo on the website of House Eclectic. Here is the same photo featured the House …

I’ve Been Tagged!

Me in my pre-school days…when I was young & innocent:)

If you read many design blogs then you’ve probably noticed the little game of blogger tag that many of the bloggers have been partaking in recently. I knew sooner or later someone would get me and lo and behold Katiedid tagged me earlier this week! In case you’re not familiar with blogger tag you have to answer a series of 5 questions and then “tag” 5 other blogger friends who you’d like to answer the same questions. Here are my answers…1. What did you do 10 years ago?

Chic Serving Trays

I’m loving these faux-snakeskin serving trays from Nieman Marcus. They’re $125 for the set of three. Apparently they’re very popular because these babies are on backorder. Hopefully I can get on the waiting list! Click here for more info.…

Elephant Love

I often become fixated on the most random things. This week its elephants. I think it’s because I went to HomeGoods last weekend with the BF (big mistake) and saw these great chinoiserie style lamps that had lying elephants as the base. They were so beautiful and so inexpensive. I wanted to buy them. He said they were ugly. I tried to argue. He won. (Note to self: Never take BF to HomeGoods.) Anyway- I’ve been looking around for other elephant pieces to cure my fix so here’s a little roundup of some of the cool things I’ve found…

Pair …

Upholstered Headboards Hi and Lo

As many of you know I’ve been re-decorating my bedroom and the next major purchase on my list is a great headboard. I want an upholstered headboard with some curvature and I love tufting. One realization that I’ve come to in all of my searching is that upholstered headboards are expensive! To cover all bases, I’ve been looking at options that cover many different price points. Here are a few upholstered headboards that I’ve been eying recently:

The Woodhouse bed from Jonathan Adler. Very mid-century modern. Love the shape, the contrasting piping and love the tufts!

This is the Sutton …

eBay is a Beautiful Thing!

I have an exciting bedroom update! I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of low chests for my room to function as nightstands/clothes storage and had been eying these 1950s Baker campaign chests on eBay for a few weeks. Now they’re mine! They’re walnut and have the most beautiful wood grain finish you’ve ever seen…plus they’re in perfect original condition. They arrived on Thursday when I was away on a business trip and I returned yesterday to find them perfectly in place, nestled on either side of my bed. I’m in love!