As many of you know I’ve been re-decorating my bedroom and the next major purchase on my list is a great headboard. I want an upholstered headboard with some curvature and I love tufting. One realization that I’ve come to in all of my searching is that upholstered headboards are expensive! To cover all bases, I’ve been looking at options that cover many different price points. Here are a few upholstered headboards that I’ve been eying recently:


The Woodhouse bed from Jonathan Adler. Very mid-century modern. Love the shape, the contrasting piping and love the tufts!


This is the Sutton headboard from Williams-Sonoma Home…

And here it is in an actual room setting.

Another option I like from Williams-Sonoma Home is this Newport headboard…

Looks amazing here doesn’t it?


What I would really love is to have a custom-made headboard so I can get exactly what I want in the fabric of my choice. The Furniture Joint in New York’s NoLita neighborhood is the go-to upholstery shop for many of New York’s top decorators as well as many home decor magazines including Domino. They also offer great upholstery classes for anyone who wants to learn craft for DIY projects. Above is a headboard they made for a client, upholstered in a great David Hicks fabric. This is exactly the style I’m looking for, although I think I want to upholster mine in a solid silk linen. The downside…it’s so expensive and I’m not yet sure if I can splurge right now. The tufting is also more labor intensive which definitely ups the cost quite a bit. I’ve requested quotes from The Furniture Joint and their prices are insane. However- they’re highly regarded, often recommended and their work is top notch so I’m sure you get what you pay for! I’ve also gotten quotes on this style headboard from other upholsterers but right now they’re still out of my range…which has led me to explore some less expensive options from places such as Tar-jay (or Target as most people call it!)


This photo was featured in the recent June/July issue of Domino (Photo by Justin Bernhaut). I think everyone who saw this photo fell in love with this room and these headboards. Can you believe they’re from Target!? And only $299 for a queen size. This “Tudor” headboard is upholstered in a microsuede fabric and features brass nailhead trim. It also comes in a number of colors…
Here it is in Khaki…looks amazing!
This is the Barcelona headboard, also $299 for a Queen size at Target!

Here it is in a photo from Domino that was featured in their Feb ’07 issue. The room was designed by David Netto. (Photo by Justin Bernhaut)

So…Now is where I ask for all of your great advice and input. Has any one ever seen either of these Tar-jay headboards in person? AND–do any of my New York readers know of any amazing upholstery shops in or near the city that don’t charge an arm and a leg for custom work? Would love your help!


  1. I’m on the hunt as well for a similar style… I’ve had my eye on this one from Z Gallerie (they have other fabric options, I picked a linen) –
    My friend bought an upholstered bed from Target and it looks pretty good from afar (I didn’t really get to “inspect it”).
    Good Luck!
    Material Girls Blog

  2. i’m in the same boat – keeping my eye open for the perfect upholstered headboard…LOVE all the ones you posted – especially the hot pink one (i have a thing for pink as an accent colour in interiors). mitchell gold also has a nice one but doesn’t have as much curvature as you’re looking for…are you a DIYer I’ve seen some BEAUTIFUL ones created…

    p.s. love your blog!

  3. i just had Dr. Sofa recover a chair and they did a great job–they were lower by half than the other upholsterer quotes I got in NYC area.

  4. I worked with Matthew from the Furniture Joint to make all the upholstered pieces for Rubie Green, and he did a phenomenal job! I was actually just about to do a post on him. He’s great, and pretty reasonably priced.

  5. I haven’t seen the Target one but I have a JC Penney headboard that looks exactly like the Barcelona (I suspect its the same one). Quality is very nice considering the price. JC Penney has several fabric options as well. The only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t go all the way down to the floor but rather ends at the bedframe. But considering how cheap it is, its a great solution.

  6. Love your headboard post. I wish you were close to me. I teach upholstery and I would teach you how to make a knock off of the Jonathon Adler headboard. I’m getting ready to do a DIY ‘on the wall’ tufted, upholstered headboard for
    Headboards are only cumbersome, not that hard to make after you get the shape you want. Watch for my tutorials.

  7. I have the red Tudor headboards from Target (inspired by the Domino room) and love them. The studs are glued down, not bolted in. I also have the Seville headboard in ivory (formerly Barcelona I think) and it is so pretty IRL. It’s got a bit of sheen to it and looks very luxe. They’re both well-made and I’m very happy with them for the price.

    Also, second the Furniture Joint in NYC.

  8. I would just like to say that I have worked with Matthew Haly from The Furniture Joint in the past (in in the decorating/home design industry). His work is impeccable. Beware of other local upholsters in the area and surrounding NYC… they really cut corners (no pun intended)… not to mention if you know a thing or two about how proper upholstery is supposed to look and feel you will see flaws in just about anything that is made for retail (pottery barn, room & board). While having anything custom made is not cheap… the work from The Furniture Joint is top notch and will last you a lifetime. They also have a decent turnaround time and deliver.

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