House Tours

One Kings Lane Connecticut Farmhouse

I’ve been lusting after a country house in upstate New York for ages and these days the idea is actually a realistic prospect. I spend ridiculous amounts of time looking at real estate listings and while I have yet to find my dream house, I already have ideas for how I’d like to design it. This space, which belongs to One Kings Lane president Debbie Propst, is serving up some serious country house inspiration! The vibe is warm and relaxed yet refined and is filled with a mix of modern and vintage pieces. It strikes the perfect balance between …

Ben Miller - So Haute

On a perfect Sunday afternoon this past summer I ventured into Brooklyn to visit the stylish studio apartment of Ben Miller who you may remember from our last installment of Meet The Assistant.  Ben’s studio is a pint-sized 240 square feet which would be a challenge to decorate even for New Yorkers who are used to living in cramped quarters. But – when you’ve worked with one of America’s top interior designers you certainly have the upper hand when it comes to space planning and knowing how to select just the right pieces to help maximize every square inch. Ben …