Gwyneth Paltrow


It looks like Gwyneth Paltrow has finally settled into her House of Windsor!  After purchasing the Windsor Smith-designed Bretwood estate in 2012, she finally gives us a tiny glimpse of what she’s done with the place in this cute video with Michael Kors whom she recently launched a fashion collaboration with for her lifestyle site Goop. In the video, we see the pair prepping for the holidays…setting the table, trimming the tree, wrapping presents and preparing festive holiday cocktails. But even more intriguing than watching Gwynnie be domestic, are the little glimpses of that fabulous house that we get …

natasha law for goop

(L) Lemon Socks 2013 and  (R) Pink Crush 2013 by Natasha Law exclusively for GOOP.

Up and coming British artist Natasha Law is the latest collaborator of choice for Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle site GOOP which is offering two exclusive, limited-edition prints of hers for sale. With a background as a graphic designer and illustrator, Law’s mixed media works are based on abstract line drawings of the female figure and feature vibrant colors with a graphic, pop art feel.  In addition to a slew of high profile fans like Gwyneth, Law is also a favorite of the fashion set and has …

House of Windsor

I recently read on Editor at Large that actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin recently purchased  “The House of Windsor”  which, was one of the most magnificent show houses I’ve ever seen! The House of Windsor was built from the ground-up by interior designer and self proclaimed “Lifestyle Architect” Windsor Smith, a designer whose career and work I admire tremendously. Windsor partnered up with Veranda and and enlisted the help of some of her favorite design peers in the industry to help decorate the the 8,000 square foot equestrian inspired estate. Located in Brentwood, the home boasts …