Best Eco Friendly Cleaning Products So Haute-2

At home I try to live a mostly all-natural lifestyle which applies to everything from the foods I eat to the products I use to clean my home. So many conventional cleaning products are filled with toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your health and the environment, so I feel that using products that are more earth friendly is just one tiny way I can make a more positive impact. Of course, there are always the clean-up jobs where nothing but good old bleach will do the trick, but 90% of the time I go natural. I’ve been planning …

Hallmark Home & Family

A few weeks ago I joined the gang at The Hallmark Channel’s daytime talk show Home & Family to share tips on how to get clean and organized for spring in style. Click to watch the video and below you can shop all of the products that I featured in the segment along with even more ideas for getting beautifully organized this season!

1. Caldrea Essentials Collection 2. Stacking Clear Drawers 3. Slim Grips Hangers 4. Paper Karma 5. Genius Scan 6. Clear Drawer Organizers 7. Baskets & Patterned Storage Boxes from HomeGoods


Brooklyn Limestone - Junk Drawer

I’m guest posting today over at Brooklyn Limestone where I’m taking you inside one of the messiest spaces in my home…my junk drawer! As part of a fun series developed by Mrs. Limestone called Junk Drawer Overhaul, I’m showing you how I transformed my junk drawer from a disorganized mess to an organized and orderly storage space…and made a few extra bucks in the process! Click here to read all about it!…

Along with a new year comes a desire to get myself more organized at home! To start the year off fresh, I decided to pare down my belongings, clear out the clutter and rid my home of things I hardly use which were taking up valuable space. My goal was to create a greater sense of peace and clarity going into the new year so I could feel more content and focused. I’ve already begun the process of purging and organizing. Here’s what I’ve tackled so far:

The Refrigerator & Freezer. I threw away anything that was expired or that …

Image: Lindsey Coral Harper

A friend recently asked me how I keep my white bed linens so crisp and white so I thought I’d share some of my top tips for laundering your white linens here.

1. Wash your white linens separately. Mixing them with non-white laundry or with dissimilar textures (such as towels) can often cause pillage.

2. Always wash in cold water. Unless your linens are heavily soiled, there’s really no need to wash on any temperature other than cold. High heat can break down the fibers in your linens, thus reducing their durability and lifespan. …