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Hands down my must-have accessory for the summer are a chic pair of sunglasses – I’ll never leave home without them! I have a ton of sunglasses that I’ve collected over the years from inexpensive finds from street vendors to more luxe frames from designers like Tom Ford, Stella MacCartney and Givenchy. But by far, my favorites that I’ll never grow tired of are my original Ray-Ban aviators. I think aviators in general are such a classic silhouette. They look great on women and men and compliment every face shape. These are the aviators that I wear constantly on repeat…

Chic Summer Sunglasses 1

Shown on top are my classic gold-framed Ray Ban aviators with gold-ish brown polarized lenses. I’ve had these for ages and these are my go-to neutral shades that pair well with any outfit. You can see a few pictures of me wearing these on Instagram here, here and here. In the middle are my green flash lens aviators, also with a gold frame. These are so fun and add an edgy pop of color to my outfits. They look so chic when I’m wearing all black everything… but I basically wear these with everything! I’m wearing them in the top photo but you can also see snaps of me rocking these on the ‘gram here, here, here and here.  (These are currently on sale btw!) Finally, on bottom are my newest acquisition – original aviators with bronze frames and lilac mirrored lenses. I bought this pair earlier in the spring and they are definitely my current faves. The purple hue is so pretty and looks fabulous when I’m wearing all white or a lighter, more feminine color palette. You can see me wearing them on Insta here and these are also on sale! In addition to my classic Ray-Bans, my second favorite aviators to rock are these from Carrera which I’m also pretty obsessed with…

Chic Summer Sunglasses 3

They have a simple black frame with gold accents and slightly larger lenses than my Ray-Bans. I purchased these a couple of years ago and couldn’t find this exact pair online but these and these also from Carrera are pretty similar. I think every girl should have a favorite pair of Sunglasses! What are your favorite styles to rock?

Chic Summer Sunglasses 2