Nate Berkus‘ new TV series is finally here!  American Dream Builders is a one-hour design competition show, where 12 interior designers and home builders take over a neighborhood and compete to renovate two homes from the ground up in just 5 days. They are judged on the end result and each week a member of the losing team is sent home. In the final episode, the last two designers standing will renovate two luxury homes to showcase their design style and one will be crowned America’s Dream Builder. I’m really looking forward to this because with so many budget-focused decorating shows on TV, it’s rare to see a show where designers tackle larger, higher-end design projects that are more aspirational. And based on this sneak peek, it also looks like there will be lots of juicy design drama which should make our Sunday night TV routine much more interesting! American Dream Builders premieres March 23rd and will air every Sunday at 8/7c on NBC. Here’s a peek at the show’s trailer. What do you think? I plan to tune-in. Will you be watching too?


  1. LisaHANDdesigns

    Nicole, I’m so glad you’ve put Nate Berkus’ show on my radar. Sunday nights will be looked forward to once again like when Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was going strong. Oh I do miss that show. This is going to be wonderful.

  2. Edna Smith

    How would a person go about getting their home redone. It would be a great canadate.

  3. Michelle Driskell

    I will tune in for sure. I have been a fan Of Nate Berkus since he was on Oprah. I would also love to offer my 36 year old home in Irvine, California. We really need a makeover. Our furniture is stained along with stained carpeting, ripped and torn fabrics on some of the furniture, rubbed off paint on our cabinets and walls,broken hinges on some of the cabinets holes in the walls. Front and back patios have tiles broken and missing, landscaping is awful. We have a pond without water and no fountain. A dead tree stands in a planter. I mean awful!!
    You can do anything you want. We can not afford to fix things as we live paycheck to paycheck. My daughter and her husband and child live in one of our bedrooms. My other daughter lives in a bedroom and that leaves my husband and me in our master. Our home is almost 2000 sq feet and appraised at $700,000 until someone sees the mess. We have a larger lot than most homes in our area. The designer was Paul Thorek. It has good “bones” so to speak. Please consider us.

  4. Betty Lou Bloodgood

    Just purchased a small 3 rm house in NJ. It is in an old retirement community. We are retired educators working with denise@ Bloodgood Lost our NJ home to Sandy….I want a beautiful oasis….a final dream. I have followed Nate’s career and truly love him and his amazing gift that he shares. It would be hard to express my happiness if he would consider using my home as part of his new TV show.

  5. Kate Burton

    Nate…Congratulations on the show…what a nice surprise. You are so talented. I will never forget the studio you did on Ohrah’s show.
    I want the show on ‘every day’. It is such valuable therapy as you know. Rearranging and a change of color is energizing and a cure for everything. (:
    I am so delighted you are back…and Sunday night is a great time to get everyone hooked. Can never have too many showings.
    I move things around my home almost every day…can’t stop. My 5 lb. Mensa Chihuahua, Webster, makes a big deal to move his toys from one place to another as a part of his daily routine. I picked up a drum like table at Goodwill and had an entrance cut out for him. Now he has his own hang out…piece of carpet inside…dah dah…He loves it. Very easy. I should do a video.
    The HGTV show have become 80 % snarky. The digs and accusatory comments from all the cast are just not necessary. Making someone ‘guess’ what it will cost is just terrible.

    Sincerely, Kate Burton
    Rancho Mirage, Ca.

  6. Linda Donovan

    My family’s homestead is in Jamestown, NY. My grandparents purchased it in 1936. It was built in 1915. My Mother was raised in it, as well as myself. It has all original electric, wood flooring, garage, fireplace, light fixtures, wall switches, etc. I want to keep this home in the family for 100 years or more. It is in desperate need of improvements. It is a beautiful stately home. I would like to send you pictures of its beauty. Please consider us and thank you. I look for award to watching your show tonight!

  7. Tim McGonigal

    I’m so glad to know that Nate is back with a new show ~ I have studied his book “The Things That Matter”. I return to it often, reread a section for added inspiration, insight, and understanding.