So Haute 2014 decor trends

In my latest TV segment I shared 5 home decor trends that I’m totally loving for 2014 along with some of my favorite products under $100 to illustrate the trends. When working within the tight time constraints of a morning show segment, it’s pretty tough to squeeze in all of the product details so here I’m recapping  all of the  trends and products that I featured (and a few similar substitutions) so you can shop the looks. I’m especially loving all of the marbleized items. Which trend is your favorite?

1. Radiant Orchid:  Pantone, the global authority on color recently announced “Radiant Orchid” as the color of the year for 2014. It’s an energetic shade of purple  that we’re sure to be seeing everywhere this year. Accessories are a great way to incorporate this vibrant color into your home. Try adding a pair of these stylish table lamps on either side of your sofa – It’ll really make your space pop!
Ovo Table Lamp | Zen Throw Pillow | Area Rug

2. All About Indigo: I’m loving deep shades of indigo and navy for 2014. It’s a very regal and elegant color and when used in larger doses, such as painted on the walls of an intimate room like a library, it can really add a lot of drama. It’s a classic, timeless color that is also very versatile because you can pair just about any color with a dark navy or indigo. Blue is the new black and blue hues are having a major moment in both fashion and home.
Chevron Embroidered Pillow Cambria Dinnerware | Ikat Vase | Medallion Dhurrie Rug

3. Globally Inspired:  I’m a huge fan of ethnic inspired prints and patterns. They’re bold, eclectic and look totally chic when mixed and matched.
Headboard | Pillow | Kilim Rug | Moroccan Bone Box

4. Marbleized: Another trend I’m seeing everywhere are marbleized prints and materials inspired by natural stones such as marble, agate, amethyst & malachite. These stones and minerals create such beautiful strie patterns that make for stunning prints used in home textiles and decorative objects. I’m also seeing the  actual stones themselves incorporated into home decor for a super luxurious look.
Malachite Wallpaper | Agate Box | Amethyst Coasters | Agate Bookends

5. Natural Inspired: Items made of natural materials is another rising trend for 2014. Think sea grass, jute, wood, cork, linen and other natural materials that are rich in texture and bring an organic quality and a fresh, clean look to a space. These picks have an artisanal feel and look as though they were hand made.
Wood Frame | Wood Box | Vase | Jute Rug

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  2. Hi! i love the jute bench you show on the “natural materials” trend. The one with the diamond pattern on it. where did you find it?!

  3. Absolutely loving your blog! Saw the collaboration you did with the Nate Berkus accessories in your home. Loved it! Also, adoring 2014 trends!