I’m a huge fan of John Robshaw’s Indian printed textiles and soft goods… And as if his super soft, bohemian bedding wasn’t lust-worthy enough, I was pleased to learn that he’s just added a selection of oh-so-stylish beds and headboards to his ever-growing assortment of products. It’s no secret that Robshaw has had a long-time love affair with India and the influence can be seen in the three available headboard styles which feature shapes inspired by Indian and Moorish architecture. Each piece is handmade in the USA and customizable in your choice of 13 John Robshaw signature fabrics which are all hand block printed in India. Here are a few images which are so dreamy they’ll make you want to curl up and take a nap!


  1. Amazing shapes! I’m a huge Robshaw fan, and excited to see that he is expanding his line. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m sorry but what John Robshaw does is basically import block print designs from India. It’s not new, some of it is lovely, but that’s the work of the artisans and not him. It’s not his aesthetic and though he might have an input in the designs, they are generally fairly traditional. There are sellers on ebay from Rajistan/India who have much more beautiful block printed fabrics available for a much more reasonable price. Does Robshaw compensate the artisans who work for him in line with his profit margin? Doubt it. This type of thing irks me to no end. Perhaps I should run off to China, start “developing” some blue and white pottery and sign my name all over it.
    As for the headboards, they are hideous, tacky, Ali Baba, turban-wearing snake charmer style design.
    I know it’s probably considered rude to leave an honest negative opinion on a design blog – I don’t see them very often and so I guess they are removed but since you posted, this is my opinion on John Robshaw.

  3. I’m a big fan of hand block prints and to see them combined with the shapes of these headboards is a bonus.

  4. I love the unique cut out headboards. They may be typical Indian designs but pairing them with the Indian block prints he selects make them fun and fresh.

  5. We love showing off these headboards to those who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing them yet. So appropriate to be listed on So Haute! Great design, as always John Robshaw!