Even though it’s not quite summer yet, you may want to start getting excited for Fall because come October, interior designer and TV host Nate Berkus will be bringing his signature style to Target with the launch of his new home collection which hits stores October 21st. The 150 piece line will include bedding, bath, accessories, lighting, rugs, window treatments and more. Above is a sneak peek at some of the items and peep the video below to hear Nate dish about his new partnership with Target!

Items above, Clockwise: Decorative Bowls, 7.99 – 14.99 | Washed Oak Box, 24.99 | Decorative Pillows, $24.99. All available at Target this Fall!


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  2. Pia Colucci

    You have a stunning blog. Your taste is amazing. I love Nate Berkus, and his show is not to be missed. I am curious however, where are the items from this collection made? We must stop buying Chinese and other imports. The manufacturing must come back to this country. I hope the collection of items is made here, in the USA. I await your reply, and thank you!

    • Hi Pia-

      Actually. I am not sure where the products are made unfortunately. Sorry I can’t answer your question!


  3. Rena Chukwudi

    I am so excited to know that Nate’s designs will be coming to Target. This is my go to spot! What a pleasant surprise. I will be there on October 21 with wallet ready!

    Rena Chukwudi
    Columbia Heights, MN

  4. PIA – You are absolutely right, but there is no way in HECK Target will manufacture in the USA. They make too big of a margin manufacturing on the cheap in China.

    It’s sad too, because some of the pieces Nate had at HSN were actually manufactured in Minnesota and North Carolina.

    I fear, Nate’s line will suffer the same way Thomas O’Brien’s line fared at Target. Amazing design, SH*T quality. I’d rather hold out for something of quality than a piece that might last more than Target’s return policy of 90 days.

    Give us high quality throw blankets, made of wool and cotton for $50, not some junk made of acrylic for $20. I want things to last, Target doesn’t. They want you to replace their stuff every month, it’s how they make money. 🙁

  5. Excited about the new collection!! And just in time for my Birthday, I know what I’m asking for now! Love you Nate you are so down to earth and love able. Many Blessings to you.

  6. Hello,

    I have 6 of the Nate Berkus products in my possesion. A large handbag, NB Aries sculpture, 2 vase, a small box snakeskin cover, picture frame..

    Sad, all are Made in China or India. Please consier American Made products.

  7. It’s sad how many products endorsed by American personalities are made in another country. We definitely need jobs here and the road to riches by outsourcing has seriously hurt America’s economy. Nate did much on his show to encourage shopping in thrift and vintage shops, to redesign, updesign, to buy american when possible. The bottom line, however, is that we need jobs here in America. If designers would open garment and product industries and provide jobs, the American people would support their efforts by buying their products. I know I would. We the buyers have the buying power to encourage those who have product lines to manufacture right here in America. It can be done but we need to quit buying products not made in the USA and do our part in bringing manufacturing and jobs back to America.

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  9. marcia stepp

    never shoped at target but will now love your show and the care you have for everyone