I just wanted to take a moment to wish all of my American readers a Happy Memorial Day! Here is a collection of beautiful, patriotic images in celebration of the unofficial start of summer. I hope you all enjoy a day filled with relaxation, family, friends and good old fashioned barbecue!



  1. I love the all white room and the girls in the bathing suits soooooo classic especially the one with the ruffles I need that bathing suit! Love your blog read it all the time keep up the good work!

  2. All of these pictures are beautiful, but I think it’s important to point out a very important detail. The first picture shows a girl draped in the flag with the flag puddling on the ground. This is very poor flag etiquette, as the flag should never touch the ground. This is very disrespectful.

  3. It is never patriotic to let the flag touch the ground. Or to use it as a coverup.

  4. mary ann

    oh yea, you are so international, I’m sure of it…

  5. @Cyndia @Connie Thanks so much for pointing this out – You are totally right and I actually didn’t even think about this when I posted this photo. It was never my intention to be unpatriotic or disrespect such an iconic symbol of our American heritage. I will definitely be more mindful of things like this when I post images in the future. Thanks again for your comments and for reading!

    • Roberta Precious-Robocop Martin

      you still haven’t removed that picture… now while it is borderline to drape yourself in the flag, it is highly disrespectful to have the flag touch the ground it soils the flag’s purity.

  6. Roberta Precious-Robocop Martin

    The first pictured woman needs to get the flag off the ground. That isn’t patriotic that is disrespectful. Please either remove the pic or get Ol’ Glory squared away thank you.