If you’re a foodie like me then you’ll thoroughly enjoy two new blogs I just discovered that I’m excited to share. Both combine food and style and are completely addicting! First up is Sous Style…. a food blog created by Elle photo director Pippa Lord which chronicles the culinary adventures of fashionistas and tastemakers around the globe. The subjects are stylish and intriguing, the photography is stunning and the food is absolutely mouth watering. Pippa has dubbed Sous Style as a site for “a new generation of homemakers.” Think younger, hipper Martha Stewart types who love to cook and entertain at home. I’m completely hooked! Below is a look at what you’ll find inside and you can check out Sous Style here!

Sous Style Creator Pippa Lord (above)

All photos above via Sous Style.

Next up is Lookbook Cookbook which is written by Toronto based Jessica Milan, a photographer and former model that also happens to be studying holistic nutrition. I was especially excited to stumble upon this blog not just because of it’s unique fusion of fashion and food but also because I eat (mostly) gluten and dairy free and this recipe based blog features all vegan baking recipes that are gluten, dairy and, best of all, guilt-free! Jessica bakes her tasty treats and then shoots super cute, impeccably styled models eating them which puts both the food and fashion center stage for a double dose of inspiration. Catch a peek at some of the site’s sweet shots below and you can check out Lookbook Cookbook here!



Above photos via Lookbook Cookbook


  1. OK, am I the only one who looks at these super-slim girls and wonders how much of any of this food they actually ingest?

  2. Artluvr, that exact same thought was going through my head when I saw this! Still love the idea of these blogs, thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I’ll check these food blogs out, and I’ll definately be stopping back at yours! Take care!