Cute girl on a bike. Photo via Fash n Chips (This could be me!)

I want to buy a bike…I want one bad. A cute little vintage/European inspired bicycle with a wicker basket on the front to tote my things around in and a little brass bell just for kicks. The only thing that’s holding me back is my intense fear of riding a bicycle around New York City where people tend to drive erratically, not to mention the plethora of bike messengers that ride around the city which are pretty scary too. I’ve seen bikers get hit by cabs and people get hit by bike messengers on a few occasions. Not cool. Anyway – I’m working on conquering this fear so  I can at least muster up the guts to ride around my my own neighborhood and maybe even to the West Side Highway where I hope to take leisurely rides along the Hudson. Here are some of the super cute bikes I’ve been eying. And for an of my NYC readers with bikes. I’d love to know- is it as scary as it seems? (on a side note – I wish I could look half as chic as the stylish women in these photos while riding my bike!)

1. Missoni for Target Bicycle, $399 available Sept 15 at | 2. Schwinn World 24 Cruiser, $489 | 3. Linus Mixte 3-Speed Bicycle, $589 | 4. Kate Spade for Abici Bicycle, $1100 | 5. Schwinn Cream 1-Speed Bicycle, $271.99 | 6. Public C-7 Bike, $550 | 7. Peterboro Cycle Basket, $44 | 8. Nutcase Helmet, $55 | 9.  10. Pashley Saddle Bag , $180. Top right photo via Mr. Newton.


  1. Jennifer Powell

    I got a bike this summer and it is a great way to get around the city and not scary at all! You will quickly learn the streets with bike lanes and nothing beats a ride up the west side highway. Let me know if you buy one we can ride together! xx

  2. I’ve been riding a bike in the city for about two years. It’s great! I eased into it by riding in Central Park and around my neighborhood first. Now I ride 10 miles to work every and 10 miles back, plus riding around the city for errands and meetings. It’s not that scary once you build up your confidence and street awareness. Go for it!

  3. I have an awesome pink beach cruiser by Schwinn- looks very much like the pics above…….I did ride it when I lived in Connecticut. Since I moved to Queens is more of something I use to hand my bras on.SMH. I am also scared……..I need to get over it!

  4. I don’t ride a bike in the city but I think you should go for it, especially if you can ride along the Hudson!! You probably would look as chic as the woman in the photo but, hopefully, you will always wear a helmet.

  5. I have a vintage Peugeot bike but NEVER ride it. I rode it once when I purchased it and that’s it. The weather has cooled off a bit maybe I’ll get it out check the tires and take a ride.

  6. Cool post. I saw so many chic people on bikes when I was in Copenhagen a few months ago. I think there might even be a dedicated website. Worth a google. Claire from Stylish Irish

  7. The first picture is a typical dutch bike. A so called ‘omafiets’ aka grandma bike. They are very comfy because you’re sitting straight and have a clear view of everything around you. I love to ride mine here in the Netherlands. But unfortunately most of the time the weather is bad here. So looking chic is not always an option. Unless you don’t mind looking chic, soaked through and through 😉

  8. Carol Vaughan Davis

    I have a bicycle hanging in the garage that I used to adore riding. Thanks for the reminder that riding a bicycle as a middle aged woman is okay. On Friday I will be 54 y.o. and can still rock the house. I plan to get back on my bicycle to prove it…kids…where are my knee pads?

  9. I bought a bike earlier this year and it’s the best thing I have done. It is a little nerve wracking riding the streets of the city but stay on the bike lane, stay alert and if you’re still nervous, just pull to the side and walk it out. Sometimes, when I come across an intersection that’s looks too busy or crowded or something, I just hop off and walk it for a bit.

    It’s really worth the try. I bought a used cruiser on Craiglist and picked it up in Brooklyn and spent the first hour crossing the Williamsburg Bridge. Something I will never forget.