I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one who’s a little bit obsessed with J. Crew president and creative director Jenna Lyons’ killer personal style. Her effortlessly layered looks and quirky, slightly tomboy-ish, mix and match approach to dressing has made her a bonafide style icon yet while she’s often revered for her fashion choices, I’d argue that her decor style is equally enviable. Jenna even once said in an interview that if she wasn’t working in fashion she’d probably be an interior designer! Not only does she live in an uber-cool Brooklyn brownstone which she decorated herself, (see her whole home here), she also goes to work everyday to an eclectic, colorful office which boasts a Moroccan rug, a coral toned desk, lots of personal touches and inspiration abound. Stylelist recently featured these photos of her office which will make you fall just as hard for Jenna’s style as I have! You can see the full tour of her office and interview here and below I’ve broken down how you can get this look for yourself!

1. Strut Desk in Watermelon, from $699 at BluDot | 2. Ruben Toledo Style Dictionary, used copies from $27.99 at Amazon.com | 3. Ribba Frame, from $9.99 at Ikea  | 4. John-Paul Phillipé Sketch Rug, $799 at West Elm | 5. Field Notes Pencil Set, $3 at JCrew.com | 6. Globe Trotter Luggage, from $800 at JCrew.com | 7. Archie Grand Notebooks, $10 at JCrew.com | 8. Rens Sheepskin, $29.99 at Ikea | 9. Tivoli Audio Radio, $149.99 at Amazon.com | 10. Studio Office Chair, $228 at Chiasso | 11. Floral arrangement from Tic Tock in Los Angeles


  1. No, I am obsessed with Jenna as well! When I see her at fashion events my heart stops and I just want to run to her and tell her how much I love her work and how much I admire her. She is one of my design heros! I love her studio…so inspirational!

  2. Jennifer Powell

    I loved the NY Mag piece on her, especially the part that said no one batted an eye when she got a $1 million bonus because basically she deserves it. Love the J Crew look!

  3. Loved this article. I am now obsessed with Jenna. Have always loved JCrew, and wear it, but didn’t know about Jenna. Thanks for writing the article. Enjoyed it.

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