I usually don’t like to re-blog content from other sites but I nearly died when I saw these photos of fashion designer Erin Fetherston’s NYC apartment! Her stunning Tribeca loft was beautifully captured by photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank for Vogue.com and I instantly fell in love with the space. Those high ceilings…the perfectly weathered floors…those gorgeous doors and those enormous windows…it’s all beyond perfection! I remember being equally impressed when I saw Fetherston’s former Paris apartment featured in Domino a few years back. Some of her beloved antiques from the Paris flea made it across the Atlantic into her NYC apartment, where she has lived since ’07, and were mixed with finds from ABC carpet, Holly Hunt and other sentimental treasures. I especially love the way in which the space was captured…the lighting gives this home such an airy, celestial quality and Erin looks graceful and angelic. The space is heavenly! To see more of Erin Fetherston’s apartment, including her jaw-dropping closet and enviable view of the Hudson River, click here for the full feature on Vogue.com!

Photos by Claiborne Swanson Frank for Vogue.com


  1. I agree heavenly it is. I keep looking at those nesting tables. I was recently on a thrifting trip and came across a set very close to them. Very close. Seeing them now…I might should call her up to see if she still has them.

  2. I love Erin and her designs and remember her apartment VERY well in Paris…I try to catch her whenever I see her on QVC since her collection for them is affordable! thanks for sharing! :))

  3. Sue in RI

    Thank you SO much for publishing this. Don’t usually look at Vogue, so would have missed it. Any idea as to what the paint color in the living room could be? Not specified in the article on-line…

  4. Janice R.

    Your instinct was right, this is a beautiful piece. The iron work on the doors floored me.

  5. Hi, i realy love this post, and i am in love with this appartment! Do you have any idea what is the name of the wall color she used in her living room? Thanks

  6. Deborah Ingersoll

    I was hoping also to find the name of the paint color she used in the living room? It is so beautiful.