New York Social Diary has a great feature and house tour on textile designer Lulu deKwiatkowski and her Upper East Side home which she recently sold and will soon be moving out of. She’s been living in LA for the past three years and finally decided to relinquish her NYC apartment which she has owned for the past 13 years. de Kwiatkowski wrote a poignant and personal love letter to her apartment on her blog which really struck me so I thought I’d share it here…

“I lived in this apartment for 13 years. Started LULU DK in what became the babies room, painted and wrote my entire book LULU on the floor of my kitchen here…Wrote long love and break up letters to my now husband, experienced the passing of both my parents, organized my wedding…laughed, cried and had same GREAT parties here! So good-bye walls, floors and ceilings that sheltered me for all my growing years….and thank you Social Diary for being the last to capture the moment.”

-Lulu deKwiatkowski via Trail of Inspiration

See the full interview and house tour here on New York Social Diary

Photographs by Jeffrey Hirsch

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