The starburst mirror in my living room. (From West Elm, sadly no longer available.)

Q. Hi Nicole! I am interested in purchasing a Starburst convex mirror like the one you have in your living room. Do you have any suggestions on where to find one on a tight budget?

A. Hi Michelle! I love the look of a starburst mirror. I think it’s one of those timeless decorative elements that will never go out of style. Designed to mimic the rays of light emitted by the sun or a star, these mirrors add an instant touch of glamour and light to any space. You can place one as a stand alone like I did in my living room or cluster them in groups for maximum impact. I scoured the net to find 5 great options for you, all priced under $100, plus a fun DIY version you can make yourself if you’re feeling crafty. And if you have the patience for a hunt, try scouring ebay and your local flea markets for a vintage find. Good luck!

1. Wire Capiz Sunburst Wall Mirror – $84.99, Target | 2. Oversized Sunburst Mirror – $69.99, Target | 3. Suzanne Kassler Sunburst Mirror – $99, Ballard Designs | 4. Oversized Gold Sunburst Mirror – $69.99, Target | 5. Suzanne Kassler Sunburst Mirror – $79, Ballard Designs | 6. Sunburst Mirror DIY by Erica Domesek of PS I Made This via Rue issue #4 pg 58.

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  1. Wow, all of these starburst mirrors are great. Been trying to figure out the perfect place to put one in my own house so now I have a few ideas!

    – Caroline

  2. Michelle

    Thanks for finding these…all look great and are affordable!

  3. great options! i love that each one kind of leans towards a different style. i’ve got a sunburst mirror in my living room and can’t imagine ever getting tired of it!

  4. Love that DIY one in Rue! It doesn’t get any more creative than that with budget constraints…You’ve really offered an incredible selection, but I swear everytime I step into a TJMaxx/ Marshall’s/ Ross, they’ve got one!

    Thanks for the tips Nicole!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  5. Love those sunburst mirror frames… Now I just need a great big white wall to put one on!

    I love your blog here. You have great taste.