Daily Candy recently alerted me to the fact that actress Rachel Bilson of the OC fame has a newly launched line of tabletop wares for Macy’s called Edie Rose. The line features dinnerware and serving pieces with girly floral, peacock and butterfly motifs in soft blue hues with a slightly granny chic vibe. I’m not sure how I feel about this one so I’m going to open up the floor to you, my dear readers. What do you think of the line? Haute or not?


  1. Definitely NOT Haute!! It looks like something Rachel designed in her “crafting” classes. I mean, who would want that peacock teapot? Not any adult I know. None of the stuff is my taste, although that butterfly bowl might be nice to float some candles in!! (I’m partial to butterflies and dragonflies.)

    After seeing all the great, well-designed things you took pictures of at that NY show, this stuff looks cheap and ugly. These “stars” need to stop trying to design things. If I remember correctly, didn’t Ms. Bilson once have a clothing line? It might have been another young star . . . they all blend in to one in my mind. They are all so generic looking.

  2. now i have to disagree with the first comment. i too, hate celebrity designers, but rachel bilson is one of the few who knows what she’s doing when it comes to style. there are only 3 others who do it well, the olsen twins, gwen stefani, & victoria beckham.

    back to rachel, i love these plates. the peacock salad plate is perfection. i think that these plates would look great all mixed up and used with a set of super modern white plates. i like ’em.

    my temporary humble abode…

  3. I saw these dishes in Macy’s the other day. There was a table merchandised with them and other table accessories and they looked pretty in that setting, but still a little too “sweet” for my taste. I don’t love the peacock motif; would you really want to eat off of that design? If they were going for a country or romantic look I think they should have gone even more in that direction.

    As far as celebrities designing their own lines, even actual designers don’t always do that. I was an accessory designer for years, and worked for the company that licensed the designer names. The designers had little to nothing to do with what we designed. I’m sure Bilson met with the manufacturers and gave a thumbs up or thumbs down to whatever the print designers came up with. This line doesn’t even seem to reflect her taste.

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  5. A few weeks ago we added a couple of these pieces to our wedding registry…I had absolutely no idea they were designed by Rachel. Not sure how I feel about that. I’m not a fan of the peacocks, but I thought the bird salad plates were cute.

  6. Pretty, and completely predictable. Totally Rachel Bilson.
    Safe, and mildly stylish. Totally Macy’s.
    What did you expect? For mass production, they’re not that bad, just bland and a tad uninspired.