I just came across this hilarious video that Macy’s released this Spring where Martha Stewart tackles the challenge of revamping a pretty messy frat house. My favorite scenes? I especially love when Martha gives the frat boys a fist pound, the discussion about the boys’ key ingredient in their brownie recipe and Martha in the closet. Sooo funny! Check it out!


  1. The brownie recipe, the serenade… too cute and funny. Do you think they were actors? I hope not.

  2. Hilarious!! My favorite part was the kid singing to Martha and the look on his face when she ignored him!! Priceless!

    I do think they are actors. I mean, it was just too perfect. But the rooms do look amazing.

  3. Yeah, it’s obvious that it’s scripted which makes for the funniest moments in the clip! I think this one made my week!