Large scale art can be expensive but you can create an easy and affordable art installation for your home simply by stretching a few pieces of your favorite fabric onto a canvas, like San Francisco based interior design firm Massuco Warner Miller did in the cozy living room shown above.

Start by finding an inexpensive fabric that you love and purchase about 3 yards. I recommend choosing a colorful patterned fabric like the KWID Imperial Trellis linen shown in this room. You’ll also need a few easy to find supplies which include 3 canvases from your local craft store (groups of odd numbers always looks best!), a pair of sharp craft scissors and a staple gun. Next, all you need to do is attach your fabric to the canvas using a staple gun, one side at a time, stretching it as you go around so the fabric lays taut across the canvas. After you’ve finished all three they’re ready to hang! How’s that for a bright idea?! And it’s really that easy!


  1. Great idea! I’ve seen this done before and it is a great way to spruce up a room on a budget! I also love framing a piece of textile too (just blogged about that yesterday!)

  2. It’s also great to add color for renters who can’t paint their spaces

  3. That fabric is super expensive… Cheaper to just buy a canvas and go crazy on it…

    I do like the idea though. And I have also framed textiles.

  4. Wow, this is really simple! thank you – I think you have inspired me to do this for my bedroom!! I LOVE fabric and it is a great way to show off pieces you love…:))