I want to give a huge thanks to House Beautiful for including me in its Nov 2010 issue! This issue’s “Send us a Picture” feature takes a look inside the coat closets of 8 taste makers including mine! I’m so excited to be featured and seeing my name in print in one of my favorite magazines is truly an honor! THANK YOU HOUSE BEAUTIFUL!!

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  1. I saw that! Congrats!!! I actually let the article inspire one of my recent blog posts (Closet Case ) Keep it up! Fantastic Coat Closet!

  2. Congrats! That is very exciting. And love your closet by the way. I also have tiny closets and love painting them fun, unexpected colors.

  3. It’s something about seeing your name in print. Your closet is similar in size as my hall closet. It has no shelving, except for that standard across the top. {House built ’55} Looking at your closet has given a burst of inspiration. Congratulations on the HB feature.

  4. Wow Nicole, congrats!
    I adore what you’ve done to your closet and could definitely take with me a tip or two. Really love the colours you’ve chosen and the attention to detail for such a small space.

  5. How great! I saw that but didn’t notice that I follow your blog! Good job! AND pretty closet! It inspired me to want to organize a few of mine!