I’m excited to be guest blogging for Stefanie over at Brooklyn Limestone today where I share my dramatic before-and-after living room transformation. Check out my post here and be sure to pop back over and tell me what you think!


  1. I adore your living room and have for a while! I saw it on Apartment 412, blogged about it and she graciously pointed me to your blog. Ever since I saw the room I have been fixated on finding a gray sofa. No luck so far…one day…

  2. Wow! this is pretty Amazing!!!I love the transformation …it just gives off a totally new personality for the room. Inspiring..thanks for sharing..

  3. LOVED your living room tranformation but even more so was excited to find your blog through BL. I am looking forward to perusing your lovely content in the near future as I am planning to move into a tiny NYC apartment and will need help! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. marksgrandma

    Just great! So glad they let you know cost and location of most items. Think I can tackle some of those ideas. Really looking for ideas for young adult male room (my son). Got any ideas?

  5. I love your table. Do you remember who it’s by?

  6. I absolutely LOVE your coffee table and have been looking for one like it. I saw on apartmenttherapy that you got it on Ebay… any search tips?? Or more generally, do you have any good Ebay search tips for your great finds? Thanks!

  7. wow, Nicole, can you please come do that to my living room?! Stunning work. So fun to meet you this weekend too!

  8. Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for your comments!

    Beth- I got the table from ebay and there were no markings so not sure who originally makes it! It’s very similar to tables by a furiture maker called La Barge…it could possibly even be a Le Barge..who knows! But try searching that on ebay and you’ll find some beautiful things with a very similar look.

    Rachel- Try a search for brass and glass coffee tables. You can also try bronze and glass. If you want to get more specific you can add in descriptors like “mid century” or “French” etc to pull up more accurate results based on what you’re looking for. Another great tip is to search for things spelled wrong so if you’re searching for La Barge like I suggested to Beth above try Labarge (all one word) or Le Barge etc. Hope this helps!

    Erin- Thank you so much!!! And it was so nice meeting you too!!! xo

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  10. moving some furniture in does not count as “transformation”
    It’s nice though.

    • Hi Sarah – thanks. Actually – when i moved into my apartment I had nothing but my sofa. It was a completely empty space. Although I didn’t not transform the architecture of the apartment itself, I did bring in layers and textures and interesting pieces to transform the look of the room, give it warmth and make it feel cozy and comfortable where as before it felt bare with zero personality. Either way – the space looks and feels different than it did when I first moved in.

  11. @Sarah, Keep your “hater” mentality elsewhere. I swear some people just never want to see the next happy. If you have nothing positive to say, Sarah, guess what??? Im sure you know the rest!

    @ Nicole, your TRANSFORMATION is splendid. Keep the ideas flowing. You have a great eye.

    • Thanks so much AJ! I really appreciate your kind words!

      You know, the negative comments I sometimes get always surprise/baffle me. @sarah’s didn’t bother me much but someone else left an incredibly rude & unnecessarily mean comment on this post which I deleted. I completely agree with the “if you have nothing positive to say” approach! I’m not claiming to save the world here people, it’s just decorating! I don’t expect everyone to identify with my aesthetic so if you don’t like what you see, move on! Ok… done venting! Thanks again for reading and for your comment!

  12. Carol Schaffer

    I say your apartment on HGTV and I thought it was very charming. I especially liked your idea with the greek key tape. I also loved your chair purchased on ebay. These are classics that never go out of style. Good job!

  13. Tyrene Hickman

    I love this transformation! I have been trying to change from beige/white walls to something in the gray family. Actually thinking of BM Gray Owl, it’s a tiny living area , so I hope it works in there. But this transformation has defiantly helped me move more towards that decision. It’s beautiful!

  14. hello,
    i came across this post while doing a search for ideas/inspiration on how to properly decorate my large living room. my layout is similar to yours: large rectangle of kitchen to dining to living space, with two large windows at the end of the room. (thankfully i don’t need the space to function as an office too!)

    my dilemma is: i have my heart set on a sectional couch. would that be possible or would that cramp the space up too much?

    • Nicole Gibbons

      It really depends on how much space you have to work with. Sectionals come in many sizes – just make sure you find one that’s the right scale for your space!