Yesterday was my birthday!  I’m actually away in Edmonton, Canada this week for work so it felt kind of lonely to be away from my friends and family on my special day. Still, I had a great day. When I arrived Monday night on the eve of my birthday I walked into my room to find this gorgeous flower arrangement waiting for me along with a plate of chocolate covered strawberries and a box of cookies from my boyfriend!

After gorging on cookies and strawberries I crashed from an exhausting 12 hours of traveling and then woke up to this beautiful view outside my window.

I treated myself to a yummy breakfast…French toast with bacon and OJ.

Then it was off to the mall. The main mall here has a wave pool and water park inside it. And a haunted house. And a lagoon. And a roller coaster. And an ice skating rink. And many other features that I can’t recall but needless to say it was quite the destination. In fact, the mall calls itself “the greatest indoor show on earth.”

At the end of a long day I celebrated with Mexican and margaritas. Fun times. So now I’m one year older and hopefully a little wiser and I hope this year brings lots of good things my way. Thanks to all who sent birthday wishes yesterday. I so appreciate it and all of your well wishes made being away from home on my special day not so hard after all. Lots of love! xoxo


  1. marksgrandma

    Ahhh so sorry you were not home for your BD, but love followed you there. Happy Happy Happy and many many more.

  2. Happy Birthday, I’m sure walking into your hotel room to find flowers made up for being away from your friends and family. I use to have french toast and bacon on the regular at a local place here in Dallas,TX until I realized I was packing on major pounds 🙂

  3. Intrinsic-Dee

    Happy Be-lated Birthday Nicole! I just discovered your blog and I love it. You have an awesome eye for design and I tune in regulary to see what I can learn.

  4. a very happy belated. first visit to your blog after reading your feature in lonny. then saw we share the same birthday. hope our paths cross sometime soon. x