I scored these peonies at the Union Square Farmers Market on Sunday…for two dollars and fifty cents a bunch! Yup, you heard right! I got to the market at the very end of the day, just as all of the vendors were packing up and clamoring to get rid of their leftover product, hence the steep discount. They were going for $10 a bunch that morning! It’s true the early bird may catch the worm but it’s the patient shopper that scores the best deal! I bought four bunches and made 2 beautiful arrangements…this one and another smaller one for my coffee table. When I got them they were a little wilted but I have a great florists tip for reviving wilted cut flowers which I used to perk up my peony blossoms. Here’s a close-up of the beautiful blooms and just below are my tips on how to revive fresh flowers.



  1. Trim the stems on a diagonal, preferably under running water. This gives the stems more surface to drink from.
  2. Fill your vase with very warm (almost hot) water. If you have flower food, great – you can add that to the vase as well.
  3. Place your flowers back in the vase then find yourself a spray bottle which you’ll fill with very cold water.
  4. Spray the cold water directly onto the blooms. Give them a light spraying, do not drench.
  5. If possible, temporarily place your flowers in a cool place. (not in a refrigerator)
  6. Your flowers should be revived in no time!


  1. Regina jones

    I will try this as well. I cut mines to save them from the rain but unfortunately within hours they wilted. This is the first time this has ever happened