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So I really need to get rid of the cookie cutter nipple-looking light fixtures that I inherited when I moved into my rental apartment. There are two in my living room that I need to replace and I’m starting with the fixture above my dining table. Below are the lighting options I’m currently considering. I’m leaning towards the Jonathan Adler Meurice pendant or the Thomas O’Brien Hicks pendant. Which do you like best? Thanks for your opinion! xo

Adler Meurice

Jonathan Adler Meurice Small Brass Pendant from Lamps Plus

Hicks Pendant

Thomas O’Brien Large Hicks Pendant in antique brass from Circa Lighting


Pearson Pendant from Restoration Hardware

Reed chandelier

Thomas O’Brien Reed Small Chandelier from Circa Lighting

WE Pendant


  1. It’s so funny that you think those flush mount fixtures look like nipples. I think they do, too!

    The Jonathan Adler Chandelier is pretty, but of course, I am partial to the Circa fixtures. The Hicks Pendant really makes a statement. I have the Square Tube Chandelier. Have you seen that one? You might like it. Let us know what you decide on!

  2. My vote is for the Large Hicks Pendant.

    I feel your pain about the nipple mounts! I have far more than I would like to admit and it is definitely a priority to replace them asap.

  3. Hello! I’ve never commented on your blog, but I’ve been reading it for a while and love it! Love your apartment too – I totally voted for you in the Small, Cool Contest.

    But I digress….I’m partial to the Jonathan Adler or the Pearson pendant with your current dining area. The JA pendant really picks up other elements in the room – the pulls on your credenza, the gold picture frame. Can’t wait to see what you decide on.

  4. Hicks. It’s such a smart charmer, you will be happy every time you look at it. Plus – it can work in many rooms. You can give it new life in other house, other spaces over time.

  5. I vote for the Pearson pendant. It is a classic and the large scale will have a quiet drama.

  6. I think the clean stylish lines of the Pearson from Restoration Hardware will look great in your space… especially the silver finish. It will be great with the cool blue walls… Fay

  7. Wow I love the Hicks! How small is it? Is the scale right for your table? The JA one would be quite lovely too….

  8. Thank you guys all so much for your comments and feedback! Lots of votes for the hicks pendant! I’m deciding this weekend…I’m having my apt photographed soon so I’m forced to make a decision! I’ll reveal my choice next week!

    Paloma – The nipple thing is hilarious! I debated whether to write that but since I’ve gotten a few comments, emails and tweets from people who agree! And I checked out the square tube chandelier…it’s gorg!

    Sketch42 – Those pendants look fab in your kitchen!

    Naomi – The large hicks is actually a pretty decent size…just under 17″ in diameter which is just about right for my table which is pretty small.

    Killy – Thank you so much for reading and for your kind words about my apartment! Glad you decided to say hello!

    Decorno- Hi!!! So glad to hear from you! Please come back to the blog world! Lots of us bloggers miss you! Thanks for commenting!

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