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Today marks the 28th year of my existence!! I celebrated over the weekend with a fun rooftop party. Tonight after work I’m keeping it low key. Dinner at a great Indian restaurant plus a trip to the movies to see Julie & Julia. My idea of a perfect night! As a birthday gift to myself I am taking a trip to La Romana in the Dominican Republic. I’m going with my brother, sister-in-law and this little guy:


My adorable 2 year old nephew, William! In T minus 6 days I’ll be lying on the beautiful beach below. Can’t wait. Happy Birthday to me!

Laromana beach

La Romana Beach, Photo via richiebits‘ flickr photostream


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Have fun in DR. I love it there!

  2. Blackberry

    Make sure to have a shot of mamawanna (sp?). Ask any local — it will definitely get the party started.

  3. Happy b-day… This is my first time posting. I love this blog

  4. Happy Birthday! I saw Julie & Julia and loved every minute of it and hoped you enjoyed it as well. Have a wonderful time on your vacation. Sounds fabulous!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUU!!! And it looks like you sure know how to celebrate it well. Have a wonderful trip and safe travels. xx

  6. Ohhhh…Happy belated birthday!! Your nephew is beeeeauuutiful! Hope you enjoyed your very special day!

  7. MaryBeth

    Sorry just read this post but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! MB