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I’m still in shock over the passing of Michael Jackson who was such a worldwide pop icon. I grew up on his music and was a true fan. When his music video world premiere prime time specials would air on television, the viewing became a family occasion. I can recall spending hours on end when I was little playing his Smooth Criminal video game on Sega Genesis. We had The Making of Thriller on VHS and my sister and would watch it over and over. Off the Wall is still one of my all time favorite albums. One of my fondest MJ memories was circa 1988 when I went to his Bad World Tour concert at Joe Lewis Arena in Detroit. I was only 7 or so but can still remember the concert vividly. I can see the set and almost still hear the music. My mom who was a pretty connected lady arranged for us to go backstage and meet the King of Pop himself. The picture above was taken that that night. I can still hear him telling me & my sister that he liked our outfits. It was quite a memorable evening. Despite the controversy that surrounded Michael Jackson toward the end of his career, there’s no disputing that he was one of the most brilliant, talented, influential and iconic entertainers of our generation. His lasting legacy will be as the King of Pop and his memory will live on through his music. In tribute, I’ll be listening to this all weekend:

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RIP Michael Jackson


  1. MaryBeth

    Wow you are so lucky. I can’t believe you not only met Michael Jackson but were so fortunate as to get a picture with him. Your mom totally rocks. MB

  2. What a wonderful memory for you. I will personally remember Michael as he was in the 80s, before all of the controversy. I think he had a huge heart, but was a tortured soul. In spite of that, he was as you said, “one of the most brilliant, talented, influential and iconic entertainers of our generation”. His music is part of the soundtrack of my youth and I will remember this incomparable icon of our generation quite fondly.

  3. i second what Paloma said. I’m still in shock.

  4. wow. so very cool that you have that picture.

    i have to send you a private message on twitter…