Do you ever have things in your home that are just placeholders? Pieces that work for the time being but you know you’ll replace eventually? Well, that’s the deal with much of my living room furniture, which I’ve never been quite satisfied with. In a little over a month I’ll be hosting some of my favorite girls in my tiny apartment for my best friend’s wedding weekend so its the perfect excuse to redecorate!  The short deadline makes the task a bit tougher since finding the perfect pieces takes time but it will also force me to stay focused and not procrastinate, which is a good thing! Now that I’m motivated to finally make all of the little updates I’ve been thinking about forever, I’ll be documenting my finds and my progress here on So Haute! On the top of my list is to replace my West Elm tables that you see above, my dining room chairs, the artwork above my sofa, hang curtains and get new dining chairs. I’ve also been searching for a fab chandelier but that can wait. I’ve actually already checked one thing off the list which is buying new end tables. I found the tables below on Craigslist and I LOVE them!

These photos from Craig’s aren’t the best and certainly don’t do the tables justice, but you get the idea. They’re gorgeous…three-tiered, faux bamboo mahogany with brass and painted gold accents. If you follow my tweets, you may know that this Craigslist purchase involved a bit of bribery. You see, when I emailed the seller last Tuesday to inquire, she kindly replied back with “Sorry, I’ve already promised them to someone else and she’s coming to pick them up on Sunday. If it falls through I’ll let you know.” Thank God I’m persistent and a bit crazy…I emailed her back with a hint of desperation in my voice, telling her that I had to have these tables. She kept saying no and I kept emailing her back, propositioning her with a new offer each time. I felt like I was last-minute bidding on eBay or something! She finally relented after I offered to throw in an extra $50 cash and a $100 gift card to one of my favorite stores that I had lying around. Score! I picked them up that night and couldn’t be happpier. They’re perfect! Now that I have the tables a new pair of lamps is next on the list. Check back later for a post on some of the beautiful table lamps that I’ve been eying!


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