As a late Christmas present to myself I recently picked up a new camera, a Canon G10. It’s a high-end digital point and shoot that offers many of the manual settings available on an SLR, but with a more compact frame that doesn’t require the purchase additional lenses and at a much lower price tag. Once I learn how to use the thing correctly, I plan to to take lots of pictures and start documenting my adventures here on So Haute.


My next adventure will take me to Santa Barbara…I’m flying out this morning for a quick work trip. Above is my idol Oprah’s 42-acre, $55million estate in the posh Santa Barbara community of Montecito. Maybe I’ll do a tourist style drive by so I can brush up on my photography skills with a test shoot at Oprah’s casa! Ha! I’ll be staying here and also visiting a beautiful botanical garden during my trip so even if I don’t get to swing by my girl O’s house, I’ll still have lots of photos to share…Stay tuned!


  1. Hi!

    Just yesterday I did a post on this camera. I am thinking about getting it and I would love any feedback you could give me. Please let me know what you think, I need a good camera!

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