I was in Chicago shopping at C.O. Bigelow earlier this week and had a chance to check out the Michael S. Smith Collection of home fragrances for Agraria which I had heard about but never had the chance to experience in person. I have to say, collection smells amazing which isn’t surprising given the fact that Michael S. Smith has impeccable taste. The line includes candles, reed diffusers and and fragrance sheets made of two signature fragrances created by Smith. The scents, Ankgor and Palma, are exotic, spicy and deeply intriguing. You can purchase the Michael S. Smith home fragrance collection here.

DayNa Decker’s Luminesse Sculpture series. Lune, left and Ikon, right.

Speaking of home fragrances, have you seen the incredibly chic line from DayNa Decker? If you haven’t, let me introduce you…

Yasmin Botanika Collection DiffuserDdnigel6lg
Dayna Decker’s Botanika Diffuser, left and Flora candle, right.

DayNa Decker is a stylish, eco-friendly collection of sculptural oil lamps, diffusers and candles with sexy scents and even sexier packaging. Decker’s candles are made from botanical wax and the diffusers are made from alcohol free concentrated botanical oils. And, instead of the traditional yarn candle wick, Decker’s collection features organic EcoWood wicks which make a crackling sound that creates a truly multi-sensory home ambiance. Recently, the brand expanded its collection of diffusers to include the Decker’s two most popular scents, Botanika and Flora. Botanika gives off the alluring aromas of Leila, Sierra Yasmin and Zelia while Flora is scented with notes of Acacia, Dahlia, Eglantine and Polianthes. Click here for more info.


  1. I have 3 or 4 of the DayNa Decker products in my home and they are AMAZING! i am completely addicted to her fragrances. they are better than anything out there. I used to be a fan of Agraria, but she takes fragrance to a whole new level!

  2. Christine Soltero

    Trying to purchase one of the Michael S Smith Home Fragrance products, got linked to this website,( Haute ) but when i click on the link to purchase “here”, I am directed to Agraria.com which no longer has his candles in their lineup or in fact any mentnion of him or his line. Any advice where I could buy the ANGKOR fragrance candle? It is one of the best EVER even at $50 a great value. thanks, Christine

    • HI Christine-

      Some of the older links are no longer active and for posts written years ago like this one which was written in 2008, items are often no longer available. I’m not sure Michael still has his candele licensing deal anymore. Have you tried contacting agraria’s customer service dept for help? You can also try contacting Michael Smith’s office through his website: http://www.michaelsmithinc.com Good luck!


    • Did you ever find any product with the Angkor scent?? I have been trying desperately to find either the sheets or diffusers? or anything? Cant seem to locate a darn thing!!!! They have discontinued it all, I understand that, but even old inventory would be a gift right now! Any ideas?

      • Kari McConnell

        Did you ever find any Michael Smith Ankhor???? I, too, have been looking and no luck so far. Thanks