I’m almost out of my favorite personalized stationery so I’ve been shopping around and wanted to share two very chic sets of correspondence cards that I’m loving right now…


This stylish stationery is from Horchow. I love the top two cards which feature a Chippendale print in either blue or red. I love that these are personalized in gold ink. So Haute! This style costs $154 for a set of 50 correspondence cards with personalized envelopes.


These cards are by Mr. Boddington’s Studio and are from their Kyoto collection. I love the chocolate colored Japanese tree lining and the very stylish “Henry” font. Prices for these start at $390.


  1. I am always looking for more of these to add to my list. I’m running low, too. These are GREAT. Love that Henry font. Interesting.

  2. THese are stunning! I’ve just been on the site and I am about to place an order! Thank you for showing these!

  3. i had no idea horchow was doing stationery! i absolutely love it. and mr. boddington has always been one of my faves 🙂